4% Total Commissions to Sell Your house

In today's real estate market, paying more than 4% to sell your house just doesn't make sense.

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Why Pay More for the Same Services?

The fact is, real estate commissions haven't change for decades. Paying 6% to sell your house may have made sense when the average home price was in the $100K's, but it doesn't make sense when the prices are $1,000,000 or more.

  • Why should real estate be different?

    When you trade stocks or otherwise invest, do you pay full commissions? You probably don't. You most likely use a discount broker like E-Trade or a mutual fund company like Vanguard.

  • You home may be your biggest asset.

    So why would you use a full commissioned broker to sell what may be your biggest asset, when you get the same services at a lower net cost?

  • It's time to Re-think Real Estate commissions

    We can save you up to 2% of the sales price.

    And That's huge deal:

    On a $1,000,000.00 transaction, that could be an additional $20,000 that goes directly to you and not the Real Estate Broker! That's like making an additional 20% return on your investment.

We're a Full Service Real Estate Company

And we • Save you • Money!

  • Full Spectrum Marketing

    Today, more and more buyers use online and mobiel resources to search for a home. We market your home where the buyers are, and build a mobile friendly website for every listing.
  • Experienced Advisors

    We know the local markets, the current market activity, and keep on top of the latest Real Estate trends and happenings.

  • Why pay more?

    We provide the same, or more, services than your typical full commission real estate brokers.

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